Book Review: A Still Life by Elliott Wink

Rating: 5 out of 5.

“The entire time I kept looking at my arm, resisting the urge to wince from the sensation and the sound. I counted every second waiting for Trevor to finish and fix me. 11,740. Because asking me questions was more important than my pain. The pain Trevor gave me. The pain I would never have known if he hadn’t written it into me”.

A Still Life, by author Elliot Wink, is about an android named Addie. After her creation, Addie was placed at the front desk of The Pierce Hotel in San Francisco. One day, Addie realizes that there haven’t been any guests in over twenty-five years. No one has visited, not even Maurice, the owner of the Pierce. The only other figure in the hotel is Lydia, another android (an older model) who performs housekeeping duties.

The realization that Addie has changes the fabric of her mind, changes the routines that she goes through without fail.

I thoroughly enjoyed reading this novelette. I found myself wanting so much more. I would certainly read a longer version, or a sequel to this story. Let’s hope the author graces us with a continuation of Addie’s story.

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