Senseless Subway Shooting

Yesterday, April 12th, 2022, there was a horrible attack on the N train as it was pulling into the 36th street station in the Sunset Park section of Brooklyn, New York.

(1)The scene in Sunset Park

What Happened?

At approximately 8:25 AM EST, Frank R. James, a 62 year old man, donned a gas mask, set loose multiple smoke canisters, and opened fire on a crowded train. There were over two dozen injuries from the attack, including ten people who suffered gunshot wounds. James was wearing a neon green construction vest, had a 9 mm handgun, extended clips, smoke canisters, as well as commercial grade fireworks. The assailant escaped the scene in the ensuing chaos.


(2)Frank R. James

Earlier today, James was upgraded from a person of interest to a suspect in the attack. He was identified by patrol officers and arrested in the East Village area of Manhattan.


This attack was yet another in a series of attacks that have occurred on the MTA Subways in recent memory. Crime has been on the rise in New York City, and not enough has been done about it. While this crime spree is not as horrible as the 1980s were in NYC, the rates have been increasing exponentially. Mayor Adams has previously claimed that the subway system is safe for the millions of people who ride the trains every day, however, that does not seem to be the case.

I grew up in Sunset Park. I was born in Luthern Medical Center (now NYU Langone) and lived in Sunset Park for thirty years. I have been in the 36th street station countless times over my life, and could just as easily have been there yesterday morning during this attack.

(3) 2022 NYC Crime Rates YTD

Thousands of people have been fleeing New York City due to its rising crime rates (among other factors) and nothing has been done to mitigate the issues surrounding this exodus. Mayor Adams claims he is tough on crime, but he is increasingly looking like another DeBlasio, the former mayor who was universally hated in New York City. Every day, I think about leaving this city, due to the decreasing safety that I and so many others feel.

Besides violent crimes, shoplifting has been rampant, with no repercussions. People walk into stores and take whatever they want because they know that nothing will happen to them. If these people do wind up arrested, they are often let out the same day or the next, and go on committing more crimes while awaiting trial for their prior committed ones. It has to stop. New York City is a mess and the exodus of its citizens will continue.


(1) CNN: What We Know About The Brooklyn Subway Shooting

(2) CBS: Frank James, subject of manhunt in New York City subway mass shooting, has ties to Milwaukee and traveled through Chicago

(3) NY Post: ‘No neighborhood is safe,’ Crime up in nearly every NYC precinct: latest stats

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