Analysis- “This is Fine” Meme

Memes have a way of holding underlying meanings. Sometimes there is one, specific meaning. Other times, multiple meanings can be interpreted from the same meme. For the image above, I see two different meanings here, and we will go through both. Suffice to say, that does not mean that there aren’t added meanings that are more subtle.

This is Fine

The image above is a pretty popular meme on the internet. Entitled “This is Fine”, it depicts a dog sitting on a chair in front of a table, mimicking a specific human action. There’s a mug of coffee in front of the dog, sitting casually on the table. In the background and foreground, the apartment is engulfed in flames. The dog sits there, staring off into the distance, and utters the three famous words “this is fine”.

Optimistic Viewpoint

The first analysis of the meme will set an optimistic tone. The dog sits there, not paying attention to their surroundings, not caring what is going on around it. There is key meaning here within the context of the meme. The fire itself can represent the negativity in the dogs life. Notice that the dog pays no mind to the flames. This can be construed as the dog choosing not to focus on the negativity in its life, instead choosing to focus on other, more positive aspects of its life. This dog refuses to let any negative events influence its life, and chooses to live in a more positive light.

Pessimistic Viewpoint

The second analysis of the meme will set an opposite, pessimistic tone. The flames surrounding the dog also play a factor on this side of the analysis. Yet, in this instance, this kind of event is something that the dog is used to. The dog is used to bad events and negativity surrounding it, that it has lost all meaning. This poor dog has become apathetic to events around it because they are constantly bombarded by negative actions and events. Used to the negativity, the dog has become numb to it. The brain, trying to protect its being, has formed a detachment to its surroundings. Emotional detachment in itself is a symptom in various mental issues, including depression, anxiety, and post- traumatic stress disorder. This numbness felt by the dog is a defensive mechanism against its negative surroundings. By not allowing one’s self to feel the negative emotions associated with their surrounds, it protects one from harm. Yet, this is not a positive or helpful defensive mechanism in the end. Certainly, it is not a healthy way to move on through life.

Final Thoughts

This meme, as is the same with many others, can often have deeper meanings attached to them. This particular one highlights mental health and how one can live while letting or not letting negativity affect them. When analyzing this meme, there are multiple meanings that can be ascertained. Yet, someone may take a look and derive a different meaning altogether. That is the overall uniqueness of the brain and of the mind itself. Everyone is unique and has different experiences. Those experiences in itself can often influence one’s thoughts and analysis of different topics.

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