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The Price I Pay with having ADHD

There are many people around the world who do not understand what ADHD is. Its symptoms and presentations can be misunderstood as someone was lazy. Other times, people will outright deny its existence whatsoever. ADHD is not a trend, it's not something one uses as a crutch. It is a neurological disorder that affects millions... Continue Reading →

Senseless Subway Shooting

Yesterday, April 12th, 2022, there was a horrible attack on the N train as it was pulling into the 36th street station in the Sunset Park section of Brooklyn, New York. (1)The scene in Sunset Park What Happened? At approximately 8:25 AM EST, Frank R. James, a 62 year old man, donned a gas mask,... Continue Reading →

Analysis- “This is Fine” Meme

Memes have a way of holding underlying meanings. Sometimes there is one, specific meaning. Other times, multiple meanings can be interpreted from the same meme. For the image above, I see two different meanings here, and we will go through both. Suffice to say, that does not mean that there aren't added meanings that are... Continue Reading →

Analysis of Media Bias

When presenting the world with information, news agencies and anchors often present information in a way that aligns with their own personal beliefs. The issue that this presents is that when one interjects their personal opinions into the dissemination of world events, bias is clear, and that information becomes skewed. Take a look at the... Continue Reading →

Should Hate Speech be Censored?

Freedom of speech and freedom of expression are two major key rights stated in the First Amendment to the Constitution of the United States of America. This right, given to us by the “Founding Fathers” of the United States, means to protect the citizens of the country from any laws meant to censor a citizen’s... Continue Reading →

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